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Design Overview

Major Initial Influences

Gary Reysa's site was the source of almost all my information, ultimately, as that led to all my other main contacts as well.

Scott Davis, the proprietor of the Yahoo Group SimplySolar, created a self-standing 24 ft x 8 ft collector in his backyard out of treated wood. I liked the look of it. Scott used pex-aluminum-pex tubing in a sepentine pattern in his collector, and I would use copper and aluminum for their greater heat harvesting power, but I easily adapted his collector to my use. Scott's approach is a lot easier, but I'm hoping my design will put out some additional much-needed BTUs in winter.

I liked the work Gary had done with copper pipe and aluminum fins. My collector would be slightly different from the ones Gary had built, but people agreed that the design should work fine.

I had a friend who built his own water storage tank for a solar system some years ago, but I ended up following Gary's design in most respects for my tank.

Design Summary

So that's the basic pedigree. I poured over as many details of different designs as I could to flesh out the fine points of my own design. Here's my design in a nutshell:


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