Essays on the Extraordinary Town of Fairfield, IA

Fairfield is not your average small town in the rural Midwest. Without putting too fine a point on it, it is one of the more unusual towns in the world.
Life has not been the same here since the followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (and practioners of TM — Transcendental Meditation) bought the old Parsons College in 1974 and started on the long road of fostering world peace, enlightenment, and the resurgence of "Vedic civilzation" amidst incredulous farmers, rolling corn fields, and an unbounded sky. My wife and I have been part of this adventure, in one way or another, since December, 1983, when we joined 8,000 meditators who descended on this town of 9,000, in minus 25 degree weather, to meet with Maharishi for what proved to be his last visit to the U.S.  Over 2,000 stayed permanently. In recent years a new town, Maharishi Vedic City, has been incorporated just north of Fairfield.
Most of the essays in this section deal with subjects that may not be broadly familiar. I will add brief introductory notes where they may help. I make no attempt to describe in any general way what life is like in Fairfield; instead, these are simply occasional essays on topical concerns.

Never Leave Your Vastu

An irreverant look at a town devoted to buildings based strictly on ancient Indian dictates


See You In Sat Yuga

Back to the Garden: A project to change the trends of time


School of Silence

The David Lynch Foundation delivers Quiet Time in San Francisco and other school districts


A Call to Unity

A plea for harmony in a spiritual community after 9/11


Sanitizing the Fairfield Story

The temptation to make a story a bit "better" that it really is


The Movement and the Power of Myth

The centrality and limitations of myth in the TM movement and other major movements


Jupiter in a Time of Inquisition

An essay on the fate of LB Shriver