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"What is the truth, and how do I know it?"
"How important is the truth anyway?"
These aren’t just philosophical questions anymore. Bombarded as we are by suspect and ungrounded claims, skepticism seems prudent – not just about politics and media but in all areas of our lives. And yet belief has impressive benefits, almost irresistible attractions. Most of us find it hard not to believe. To gain the benefits of belief, how much are we willing to relax our allegiance to critical thinking and the necessity of evidence?

Tempted to Believe is a comprehensive exploration of how we believe, how we doubt, and how we navigate the conflicting attractions of reality and desire. Included in its scope are claims made by religion, politics, spirituality, marketing, the New Age, and the ordinary esoterica of everyday life.

Praise for Tempted to Believe
Let me first just say, I loved this book! It was exactly what I needed to read during a time of personal reflection, if not confusion, as I grappled with the realization that my core beliefs were changing. Why do we cling to our beliefs, in the face of blatant contradictions? Why do we believe what we believe in the first place? How can we maintain hope and joy if we abandon the beliefs that used to sustain and motivate us? Thom Krystofiak’s Tempted to Believe tackles these questions, and a multitude of others, in this provocative, insightful and ultimately inspiring look into belief, skepticism, faith and realism. As one who has straddled both sides of this fence, Krystofiak has a particular and unique view that allows him to describe all sides of the hardest questions we can ask ourselves. He’s a worthy guide and companion for anyone wishing to explore the roots of our implacable beliefs and the unexpected possibilities that arise when we allow them the space to evolve. This is a book to read and reread, to share and discuss with others. Wherever you lie along the spectrum from “true believer” to “avowed atheist” Tempted to Believe will give you lots to think about and savor.
- Tinker Lindsay, Author and Screenwriter
Thom Krystofiak has the rare intellect that is fluent in science, philosophy, religion, art, Eastern culture, and modern culture. It is impossible to describe how he is able to curate these areas, to deeply examine the ideas about how humans decide what is true. You will have to experience that for yourself, and you will be greatly enriched in the process. Tempted to Believe is written in sparkling prose that evokes the feeling of talking over coffee with one of the most brilliant persons you’ve ever met, and who genuinely likes you and wants to listen as much as share. Devoid of jargon, cliches, and judgement-soaked terms, he reveals the joy and zeal that come with thoughtful deliberation and dialogue when one is firmly focused on just understanding what is true. Not to change anyone’s position, but to understand it... Krystofiak patiently explains how he has remained optimistic and earnest in his desire to understand the most important workings of the human heart and mind, and strive for the well-being of all.
- Matthew Grade, MD
This book helped me to clean up my thinking about beliefs and facts. I don’t take my beliefs, or anyone else’s, as seriously as I used to, which is very freeing. This book is full of excellent examples and personal anecdotes, which makes for very enjoyable reading for such a relevant and important topic. Thom Krystofiak’s piercing intellect and insight wakes the reader up to the unsubstantiated belief systems that are prevalent in all our lives. If you love clarity get this book now!
- Elin Valentine