Born in Wisconsin, educated by nuns and Jesuits, then by heathens at Harvard and Cambridge universities, I emerged with a masters in English but a leaning toward philosophy and a yearning for astrophysics. And so I became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Austria, France, and Switzerland under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and taught meditation first in England and then in Wisconsin. There I met my wife, and soon after we married in '83 we quit our jobs and moved to Fairfield, Iowa to join Maharishi and a two-week gathering of 8000 meditators, and stayed (so far) forever.

Though there were few jobs in this small rural town, the new influx brought entrepreneurs and I found work for the next few decades in a variety of software companies. Some of these I co-founded, and one rose up the food chain until it was absorbed by a behemoth, Computer Associates. I did not get rich, but managed to support a family (now with a lovely grown daughter) through all the years and all the changes. Through it all, I kept one foot (when things were hectic, maybe just one toe) in the world of philosophy.

An inveterate skeptic, I have had some limited episodes of belief, but nothing like the prolific beliefs of the people with whom I have been surrounded most of these years — which makes for a fascinating dynamic.

In Fairfield, the natural beauty is understated and well-grounded, of the rolling land and the open sky. We are hours from urban centers, but cultural life is rich, with intimate venues, astonishing performers, and surprisingly wonderful home-grown creativity. And with more passionate and diverse spiritual seekers per square mile than would be found in most other places on the planet (as well as more than a few who would say they have passed beyond seeking), what may be most striking about my adopted home town is its depth.